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F&M Bank Kid's Zone

As a family-friendly company, F&M Bank is proud to sponsor the Virtual Cheerwine Festival Kid's Zone. Download and print out any of the activity sheets on this page, grab a few crayons or markers and have a cheer-ful time!

Click to download any of the following activity sheets:

Backyard Scavenger Hunt
Coloring Sheet_4 pack
Coloring Sheet_Bottle Cap Splash
Coloring Sheet_Bottle Wall
Coloring Sheet_Can
Coloring Sheet_Cheerwine Logo
Coloring Sheet_Cheerwine Wood Crate
Coloring Sheet_Delivery Truck
Coloring Sheet_Cheerwine Cupcakes
Coloring Sheet_Festival Design
Coloring Sheet_Fun Socks
Coloring Sheet_Glass Bottle
Coloring Sheet_Old Truck
Coloring Sheet_Poster
Coloring Sheet_Vintage Ad1
Inside Scavenger Hunt
Coloring Sheet_Beach Towel